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Mr. Akhtar Shah: (Known as Shahtoon)

Born in the same year as the first martial law of 1959 lived through the tyranny of Ayub Khan as a school going student witnessed the 1971 debacle at an age of eleven did my college in the last days of Bhutto saw him hanged in  my second year as a student of political science once again experienced the brutal rule of Aurangzeb Alamgir in Zia ul Haqs form started my career as a graphic Artist in Add agency continued till 1986 when I joined The Muslim as editorial cartoonist thus begins the ordeal that has continued till today.

Eat cartoon,drink cartoons, think cartoons and sleep cartoons the only relief lies in the graphic depiction of various training materials required by development organizations once they are utterly helpless in getting their messages across which unfortunately happens nearly all the time.

Fard October 2013



Handbook on Free Independent and Responsible Media 2010






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