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And it goes on


It is after much deliberation that individu-land is sending this input out. The reason for this deliberation is that we have been documenting the violation of the code of conduct issued by the ECP for the local elections in a number of mails and we think we are sounding like a broken record. It is thus with extreme anguish that we document that:.

Monday, August 1, 2005 The Nation declares, ``3 PML-backed UC Nazims elected unopposed" The Punjab Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Bodies Muhammad Bashrat Raja is quoted in the story as saying. ``In Rawalpindi District, three Union Council Nazims and Naib Nazims having the backing of Pakistan Muslim League were elected unopposed while some 25 councilors on minority seats in various union councils also return unopposed."

The same newspaper of the same date carries a report about Federal Minister for Labor, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis Ghulam Sarwar Khan holding a public gathering in Union Council Bajnial on Sunday where he discussed the upcoming developmental project of road linking different areas of the district as well as setting up of private phone exchange and provision of Sui gas to the area .

These are clear violations of the ECP code of conduct, an English version of which has also been circulated by individu-land. Clause 16 clearly reads that these elections are non party. Individu-land vehemently believes that no elections can be party less .Infact, it is undemocratic to have party less elections and such measure would not only further depoliticize the society but also further serve to weaken political parties that are already in political strait jackets. It is also important to mention that party less elections have always been conducted when the army has a more visible role than usual. Thus, it is proposed that all elections should be party based since political parties are the platforms where citizens find their political voices. The current chaos where there are party backed nominees, and groups that are backed by party is another proof that parties cannot be kept out and should not be kept out.

Having said this, individu-land also believes that the ECP should be respected. Whether we agree or not, but the fact is that ECP has issued a code which has a clause that declares party less elections. That should be followed.

Such blatant disregard for the Code of Conduct issued by the ECP does not inspire confidence in the minds of the Pakistani citizens. We would like to mention that while declaring that PML backed nominees have been elected, the Honorable Punjab Minster for Law also assured the public that the ``in line with the directions of the Punjab Chief Minister there will be strict enforcement of the code of conduct." It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic.



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