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NWFP snapshot

The province of NWFP has twenty four districts where local bodies' elections were conducted in two phases. The results have come in and political negotiation has begun for the third phase of election for the top tiers of the districts. At this point it might be prudent to study the pattern of contesting candidates in the different districts of the Province.

Starting with the religious minorities, data compiled by individual-land field observers revealed that a total number of 67 individuals contested in this category in Pesh, 21 in Buner,15 in D.I.Khan, Mardan 10, Nowshera 8, Abbotabbad 6, Swat 6, Chitral 6, Bannu 5,Tank 4, Haripur 4, Shangla 2, Swabi 2 and 2 individuals contested for the religious minorities seat in Kohat. In Charsadda, Karak, Hangu, Lakki Marwat, Mansera, Battagram, Kohistan, Upper Dir, Lower Dir and Malakand no religious minorities contested for the local government seat.

For the category of Peasants/Workers (women) the highest number of contestants were in D.I.Khan where 247 women contested, then Peshawar where 183 women contested, Lakki Marwat 160,Mansera 122,Nowshera 117,Swat114,Mardan 113,Tank 108 women contested, Charsadda105,Karak 94,Shangla 91,Haripur 85,Bannu 82,Abbotabad 78,Malakand 72,Swabi 69,Buner 61,Lower Dir 61 women contested for this category, Chitral 55, Kohat 41 women, Upper Dir 33, Hangu 23, Battagram 21 and no women contested for the category of Peasants/Workers (women) in Kohistan.

Reports compiled by individual-land researchers also revealed that for the category of Muslim women again the highest number of contestants were in D.I.Khan where 313 women contested, then Peshawar where 308 contested,Mardan 231, Lakki Marwat 228,Nowshera 201, Swat 203,Haripur 164,Mansera 158,Charsadda 145,Karak 145 also, Abbotabbad 139, Shangla 124,Swabi 124 also, then Bannu with 113 women contesting for this category, Tank 109, Buner 107, Malakand 104,Lower Dir 100, Chitral had 97 women contesting for this category, Upper Dir 72 women, Kohat 70,Hangu 30 women , Battagram 21 and no women contesting for this category in Kohistan.

Individual-land researchers have also compiled data for the categories of peasants/workers, Muslim general and Nazim/Naib Nazim for all the districts which is available with us. We will be happy to share it with any reader on being asked.

The local bodies elections were of course party-less but since it is an open secret that all political parties were involved , individual-land has also compiled data of the total number of seats won by each party. This data has been complied from each district by individual-land field observers and has not been formally issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan but district wise the results have been notified. So at this point, we would like you to bear this in mind.

Having issued this disclaimer, here are the party positions in descending order:

Political Parties Phase I Phase II Total number of seats Percentage.
JUI-F 98 72 170 17.3
Independents 126 38 164 16.7
PML 37 117 154 15.6
ANP 108 39 147 14.98
PPPP 62 67 129 13.14
JI 58 44 102 10.39
PPP-S 40 13 53 5.4
PML-N 22 27 49 4.99
JUI-S 2 0 2 1.12
Others   11 11 0.2

Individual-land is in the process of compiling similar results for other provinces and would be happy to share it once the compilation is done. We hope that this would be valuable to our readers.



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