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Tips on local elecs monitoring


Elections are important to strengthening democratic processes. This is an established fact but it is important that elections are free and fair so that ,at the end of the day, it is government for the people , from the people and by the people. Monitoring of elections by independent observers is very important. Election observation enhances the transparency of the election process thereby increasing the confidence of voters and their willingness to participate in the electoral process. A number of organizations in Pakistan are monitoring elections and what is a very positive step is that there is also some effort on their part to coordinate their efforts. Individu-land in an attempt to contribute to this effort has compiled a list of districts all over Pakistan which should be kept in mind as observer strategies are being finalized . Individu-land has also developed a checklist to facilitate observers.

The districts, that we think should be part of any observer mission are:

Sindh: Karachi, Nawabshah, Badin,Sukkur,Khairpur,Ghotki,Larkana,Tharparkar and Hyderabad.

Punjab: MultanGujranwala,Okara,Sahiwal,Jhang,Gujrat and Attock

Balochistan: Pishin,Kohlu,Lasbela,Gwadar,Panjur,Dera Bugti, Killa Saifullah,Killa Abdullah.

NWFP: Swat, Dir,Malakand, Charsadda,Mardan.

Individu-land has also developed key points for observers to take into consideration. Individu-land would like to emphasize that pre poll rigging is extremely important to consider. Our field contacts emphasize this vehemently as they maintain that till the polling day a lot of water would have flown under the bridge. Keeping this in mind , perhaps it should be useful to consider :
Pre Poll observation points.
1. Is the ECP imposed ban on district transfers being followed?
2. If there are complaints regarding the transfers, is the ECP taking notice of them and investigating these complaints?
3. Is the ban on developmental schemes being respected?
4. If there are complaints regarding developmental schemes, is the ECP taking notice of them and investigating these complaints?
5 .Have the polling stations being notified ?
6. The location of the polling stations is very important. Are the polling stations in the physical space of a local influential etc?
7. Are the election symbols allocated fairly?
8. Is the code of conduct given by the ECP followed?
9. Are the expenditure limits imposed by the ECP apparently followed by the candidates?
10. Are state resources e.g. official cars etc being used by a candidate?
11. Have the voters list been compiled to the satisfaction of all?
12. Has there been a public agreement against allowing women to vote?
13. If so, then has this been brought to the attention of the ECP?What steps ,if any ,have they taken to address this concern?

On the election day itself, it might be useful to bear in mind the following points : 1Were the polling stations changed at the last minute? 2Are the polling staff following the rules and regulations? 3Are there any unauthorized i.e. without passes people inside the polling booth? 4.Are women being allowed to cast their votes? These are some of the points that we wanted to bring to your attention. Individu-land would appreciate any feedback that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.



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