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Individualland (IL) as an organization particularly takes interest in evaluations, impact assessments i.e. both summative and formative, surveys, capacity building trainings and awareness campaigns. Realizing its role as an advocacy firm, Individualland has also taken self initiatives to highlight issues and create awareness on matters that are particular to an Individual. A primary reason why this organization focuses on facilitating discourse on creating space for the individual is to highlight the importance of an individual in a society. FIRM or Free, Independent and Responsible Media, is one of such initiatives, which aims at promoting responsible journalism in the country. IL has conducted focus group discussions and trainings as part of this initiative. Most importantly, a series of media analyses of English, Urdu and Sindhi were conducted keeping in view the principles of FIRM.

One of the initial projects “Evaluation of devolution process in Pakistan from citizen’s perspective” (July 2007-February 2009) commissioned by The Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Foundation, London also focused on evaluating the devolution process in Pakistan from the citizens’ perspective. Lead Consultant of the organization also facilitated consultations for Asian Development Bank’s five year Country Partnership Strategy for Pakistan (Feb 2007-June 2007). Individualland Pakistan also conducted the ‘Institutional analysis of governance of public sector companies”, with its findings published in an analytic paper.

From June-August 2009, Individualland Pakistan undertook Khwendo Khor’s Program assessment, with the objective of assess and evaluate the work of this organization in all of their five program areas. In addition to this, Individualland also conducted the mid-term evaluation and impact analysis of Noor Education Trust’s work on Gender Based Violence in Pakistan.

In Feb 2011, Individualland Pakistan with the partnership of Aurat Foundation initiated work on sensitization of media personnel of electronic and print media regarding Gender equity. This project was part of the USAID supported Gender Equity Program in collaboration with The Asia Foundation. Before initiating trainings, Individualland conducted a baseline survey to gauge public perception regarding Gender Equity in Pakistan. After the trainings, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) were also conducted with media personnel. The aim of these FGDs was to engage in open discussion with journalists and to discuss how media reports on gender issues. Similarly, an end-line survey is also being conducted to gauge public perception after one year of the implementation of the Gender Equity Program.

During the same year, Individualland also mapped the Investigative journalism in Pakistan in a project supported by Foundation Open Society Institute. This was done through a multifaceted approach including literature review, field visits of different news groups throughout the country. In Oct 2011, a project to “Engage Print media on the issue of Torture” was initiated. This project aims at creating awareness in print media on how to report on torture. Before initiating trainings, Individualland Pakistan conducted interviews, field visits and discussions with legal, media and human rights experts to broaden its understanding on the issue, so that the print media personnel are much aware on different legal issues regarding torture and can report in an improved manner. This is in addition to the baseline and behavioral change surveys that are being conducted all over the country on women policing.

IL also conducts pre-broadcast and impact assessments of media products of public relations firms like Communication Research Services ( CRS) and production house Black Box Sounds.




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