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Handbook On And For FIRM
URDU Version
  Handbook On And For FIRM
English Version
  Urdu Media Analysis from a Consumer's Perspective - URDU Version   Urdu Media Analysis from a Consumer's Perspective - URDU Version
English Media Analysis from a Consumer’s Perspective   Sindhi Print Media Analysis from a Consumer's Perspective   State of Investigative Journalism in Pakistan   Journalism in Conflict Areas of Pakistan
Training Manual on Reporting on Torture   Torture Misconceived - English Version   Torture Misconceived - Urdu Version   Torture in the Eyes of Media (Not Available)
Going to the Polls - English Version   Going to the Polls - Urdu Version   Regional Media   We, the Citizens... We, the Journalists
Electronic Media Analysis from a Consumers Perspective   National Media Conference 2013   Media Behavior, Elections and Political Protests   The Press Clubs of Pakistan
Conversation with and on the Media   IL-IMS Conflict Reporting Module   IL-IMS Democracy & Governance Reporting Module   IL-IMS Development Journalism Module
IL-IMS Gender Reporting Module   IL-IMS Security Manual        


Climate Change    

Analysis of Manifestos of Ruling Political Parties of Pakistan



Shakaybian - IL Comic for Youth  


Shakaybian - EN v1   Shakaybian - UR v1   Voices Against Violence - UR   Shakaybian - UR v2
Shakaybian - UR v3   Shakaybian - EN v3   Shakaybian - EN v4   Shakaybian - UR v4
Shakaybian - EN v5   Shakaybian - UR v5   Shakaybian - EN v6   Shakaybian - UR v6
Regarding Conflict Analysis 
and Counter-Terrorism

تنازعاتی تجزیے اور
انتہا پسندی کے خاتمے سے متعلق

Reviewing the decade long counter-terrorism struggle   Jihad - EN   Jihad - UR   Documenting Renunciation
Beyond Patience   Both Sides of Coin EN   Both Sides of Coin UR   Meri Zindagi Saraab Main Guzri
Our Magazine on Media  

فرد ۔ میڈیا اور تضاد

Fard (may 2011) UR   Fard (oct 2011) UR   Fard (may 2012) UR   Fard (may 2012) EN
Fard (oct 2012) UR   Fard (oct 2012) EN   Fard (may 2013) URDU   Fard (oct 2013) UR
Fard (may 2014) UR   Fard (oct 2014) UR   Fard (may 2015) UR   Fard (oct 2015) UR
Fard (may 2016) UR   Fard (Oct 2016) UR        
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Examining Privatisation in Pakistan 2006–2010

Government and Accountability  

حکومت اود احتساب

Not Available   Public Participation in Governance of Pishin   Pishin Brochure
Chaghi   Dera Bugti   Gawadar   Jhal Magsi
Kharaan   Naseerabad   Pishin   Qila Abdullah
Qila Saifullah   Quetta   Ziarat    
Youth Related  

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